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Harley Davidson USA 1989 American Eagle Harmony Design heavy belt buckle

Harley Davidson USA belt buckle

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This is a rare Harley Davidson belt buckle. It had a problem, but it is so hard to find that I decided it was worth having repaired, and I will explain that below. It is a Harley Davidson USA American Eagle belt buckle with an American flag on each side and a shield as background for the eagle with red and blue metal offset by silver tone stars on the top and vertical stripes. It is not marked as such, but to me it looks like it is probably made of pewter--at any rate, a very good quality heavy dark silver tone metal. On the front is written "Harley Davidson USA." There are several stamps and hallmarks on the back, as follows: "Harley-Davidson USA The Great American Machine," "Motor Harley Davidson Company Official Licensed Product," "D-88 Made in USA," "Harmony Design, Inc. Boulder, Co. 80303," "©1989 Siskiyou Buckle Co., Inc. Williams Oregon" along with a separate ® and an abstract symbol. I looked at the "9" in "1989" for quite some time under a loupe, and I am almost certain it is 1989 and not 1988, but that last digit is a bit difficult to read and could also look like an "8." Measures 3 3/8" wide and 2.5" high; about 3/8" thick. It does not have a separate metal loop, so I don't know if it is missing something; it does not look as though anything came off where it should be. The place where the belt would attach is in any case closed (see photos), it is not the kind of attachment where something would go all the way through--it would just insert. There is a small nick in the metal on the left stripe right under the second star from the left as you look at it from the front. A couple of nicks on the letters in the words "Harley Davidson USA" and some unevenness in the finish of the silver tone, but nothing major--it has a great patina and veneer from age. In very good pre-owned condition, flaws as noted.

PLEASE NOTE: the point on the back that would insert into a hole on a belt is actually an eagle's head. It had a hairline fissure/crack in it, which I had repaired. You can see the solder on the inside of the eagle's neck, which is a darker, more coppery color than the rest of the buckle. That point is now quite solid and the detail on the eagle's had was preserved, but I want to make clear that this is a piece that has been repaired. 

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